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Video Surveillance in HD quality

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Don't buy your surveillance system online. You might think you save some money but in the end might even spend more. Our well trained technicians talk to you at your location to determine your exact needs and customize the right system for you. We also integrate our system with your existing POS system.

Our Video Surveillance systems are designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance environments. With more special features and more integration versatility provided, our surveillance system delivers more powerful and streamlined surveillance operation performance as well as enhanced management efficiency. Let us show you the difference between IP surveillance in HD quality versus regular systems. Better resolution means better evidence - and evidence is the entire goal.

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We offer maintenance agreements for security systems you own. This applies to systems purchased from us as well as our competitors.

The maintenance agreement includes regular updates as well as camera adjustments, camera replacements, remote computer setup.



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What's the Right System?

Commercial websites are not shy using very technical terminology to outline the advantages of their DVR systems and other CCTV equipment. Rarely is the customer given any explanation as to the meaning of those terms and it is difficult to make a choice to the appropriate equipment. Our qualified technicians can help you choose the right system for your needs!

Professional Installation

Before we start installing your new video surveillance system our technician talks to you about the perfect position and angle for the cameras. We also consider the lighting conditions at your location and install the adequate camera. The installation also includes to set up your mobile phone and/or remote computer to work with your new security system.